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Our Digital Process.

In a digital transformation project, you can’t plan the solution until you define the problem. While every engagement is different, we draw on a toolkit that has successfully driven previous change initiatives.

Digital Audit

We start with a diagnosis of the current situation, taking a close look at the business landscape. We take a discipline-by-discipline approach, with multiple expert teams weighing in. An audit can show you what’s standard practice and what’s best in class, identifying emerging competitors, new tactics, and changing audience behaviours.

Innovation Workshop

An innovation workshop brings together our team and yours in a structured process with open-minded facilitation. The goal is to frame a business problem and then generate ideas to solve it. By calling on a diversity of expertise and thinking styles, and exploring ideas fearlessly, we can generate new possibilities and refine our strongest ideas.

Lovable Product

Change initiatives can generate many ideas but few outcomes. Fortunately, LC Designs is an implementation partner as well as an ideas partner. Once we have high-priority ideas, we start defining a minimum lovable product – the version of your idea that delivers the most customer happiness with the least possible initial effort and expense.

Digital Marketing services that meet your brand's objectives

Strategically conceptualised and efficiently executed, the marketing services and solutions provided by LC Designs digital marketing company, Philippines and UAE, deliver measurable results and immeasurable success – from social media marketing to search engine optimization (SEO) services. There once was a time when digital marketing played only a supporting role to a brand’s above the line advertising. Today, however, digital marketing services have become one of the most powerful tools in a brand’s arsenal. As one of the UAE’s leading online marketing agencies, LC Designs provides quantifiable returns on investment (ROI) and highly targeted campaigns, from advertising on social media, email marketing, Google Ads, SEO, online reputation management and many other cutting-edge digital marketing solutions.

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Brand Awareness

Our strategies in Digital Marketing aim at building brand awareness and visibility.

Brand Rrecognition

We aim to enhance the brand image and brand recall among relevant customers.

Customer Traffic

Our approach increases the total customer base in the region.

Customer Engagement

We create an overall customer experience keeping them highly engaged.


We are focused on achieving brand goals by following a metrics-based approach.

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